"These two words, nerd and geek, are frequently used interchangeably. However, this does a great disservice to all nerds and geeks who wear the badge of their respective anti-social lifestyle choice with pride. For this reason I feel that it is of the utmost importance that we correctly define the two terms.

A geek can best be defined as one who maintains an excessive fascination with a single thing or collection of things. I use the more general term thing only because there is a wide range of fascinations available which may qualified as geeky. Some have asserted that the object of obsession must be one that is not considered to be socially acceptable or commonly observed from the majority of inhabitants of any give society."




Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mary J Blige enrolls to Howard University!!

It has just been confirmed that Grammy Award-winning R&B superstar Mary J. Blige has just now joined the class of 2014 at my alma mater, Howard University! She dropped out of high school as a junior and got her GED. She announced this news recently on a taping of "Good Morning America", accoridng to dcfab.thefabempire.com/./

First of all, I'm extremely proud of her for continuing her education despite her success. It's very important to be aware of the significance of doing this act, and that's pretty hot.  What would be her major? I have no idea, but I assume it would be Business.  If she's taking online courses, that would be cool but it would have to be later on. She has to attend classes on the first year of school.

The comedy of this situation should be noted. I would pay money to be in the vicinity where Mary first discovers "historical" landmarks such as the Weed Bench, the Booty Wall, the Valley, and other various things. Would she get stalked in class by her classmates for autographs? Would she drink the wrong punch at a Gresham Place party? Would she run away from the rats and mice in the Cafe or steal those Chick Fil-A nuggets from the Punch Out? Damn right, we love those nuggets. They're my kryptonite.

Or maybe she'll have an active roll in the HUSA organization, or even Entertainment Power Players? What if she joins a sorority? I'd like to see her stomp around as an AKA or Delta with her jacket on doing those weird ass finger salutes. Imagine how Yardfest/Homecoming would turn out? Interesting ish, indeed.  Howard knows that there were quite a few entertainers both current and past that walked the halls and did the shows, but this situation adds an entirely different dynamic.

When I was at Howard University, there were quite a few rappers and singers prominent there that gathered attention.  There were R&B singers like Brandon Hines, and then there were rappers like Malik-16 (Rap City), Quadir aka Q-Boogie (Green Lantern), and myself to name a few ;). We all were treated with dignity, admiration, and respect when we showcased our talents in several arenas as if we were "mini-celebrities" ourselves.  The addition of Mary J. Blige into an environment where the bouginess and the socially dependent/independent run amuck will make a drastic change in the self-esteem of the student population.  I just want the students to leave her alone if you think that getting a record deal from her is gonna work out for you. You know she's known to punch a nigga every now and then, as well as embarrass you in front of all of your friends.  Play your positions, fellow Bison.